Top tips for packing for a house move

If moving day is on the horizon, then no doubt you’re dreading the prospect of packing up all your worldly goods and starting the hunt for a ready supply of cheap cardboard boxes.
So, whether you’re a seasoned mover or are looking forward to picking up the keys to your first home, we’ve prepared some top tips to ensure total perfection when it comes to packing for a house move.

Start early

Whatever you do, don’t leave everything to the day before – unless you want to be frantically dumping treasured possessions in bin bags just as the removal van arrives. Make a priority packing list and begin by collecting plenty of boxes in different sizes as soon as possible.

Remember other packing items that will come in handy too – bubble wrap, old newspapers and heavy-duty masking tape are all useful. Little and often is key: packing a box of non-essential items such as books, CDs, photos and artwork whenever you can as the move approaches will make life much easier on the big day.

Don’t overfill

Pack lighter items such as bedding in large boxes and heavy items such as books in smaller boxes. Completely filling large containers will make lifting virtually impossible and could result in your precious belongings spilling out over the pavement. Plus, spending the first few weeks in your new house with a back injury is nobody’s idea of fun.

Have a clear out

Looking for a way to bring in some extra cash? Use moving day as an incentive to declutter and rationalise ahead of your new beginning. If you have time, you could try listing old furniture in an online auction or head to a car boot sale.

Alternatively, many charities will come and collect unwanted furniture for free – meaning that’s one less worry on your mind and you can be happy you’ve done your bit for a good cause.

Check your contents insurance

Tell your insurer about your house move so that they can transfer cover to your new address. Many contents insurance policies do include protection while your belongings are being moved from one address to the next but to remain valid, there may be a stipulation that you use a professional removals firm.
For this reason, it’s important to check where you stand should there be any breakages or damage.

Moving day survival kit

After all the upheaval of moving, you’ll want a cup of tea once you arrive in your new home. Pack a survival kit to help you through those first few hours after opening the door for the first time – tea, coffee, a kettle, snacks, cups and plates will all be welcome.

We know it can be stressful, but once the pain of packing for a house move is over, you’re free to enjoy your beautiful new home.

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