The top 3 nature hotspots and areas of natural beauty in the Chorley area

Chorley is well-known for many things. A bustling town centre with a thriving market, Botany Bay (pre-closure, of course), Fredericks ice cream, Bradley Wiggins and the friendly locals are some of the key ones. But are you fully familiar with the natural beauty which is right on our doorstep? There are more stunning areas local to Chorley than you might realise. So we’ve picked our top 3 nature hotspots in the Chorley area which prove there is no better place to live than right here. Take a look:

  1. Astley Park

Our top nature hotspot in Chorley has to be reserved for Astley Park as it is such an iconic place in Chorley. Couples, families and friends all flock here year-round and it’s not hard to see why. There’s a café serving delicious food and ice cream, a gift shop and Barrica wines, as well as an information centre. But the true beauty of Astley Park lies in the nature which surrounds it across 43 hectares. Wander past the bowling green, heading down the hill, and you’ll find trails which take you through stunning woodland areas with a stream running through. You can wander all the way along the path and find yourself at the far end of the park where you can pop into Chorley or start heading back to have a break on the playground areas. The vast expanses of parkland are stunning and perfect for a long stroll to feel as though you’re getting away from the world. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon and look out for the different events they hold too.

  1. Yarrow Valley Country Park

Another park makes it onto the list thanks to the stunning setting it’s in and the vast array of wildlife you can spot whilst wandering through. This 700-acre parkland has a lake, waterfall, adventure playground as well as a café for refreshments and a visitor centre to learn more at. The park has been awarded with Green Flag status which means the standards of good management and best-practice amongst the green space sector have been upheld. And you’ll soon see that in evidence when you visit this stunning nature hotspot in Chorley. This dog friendly park also has a nature reserve and at the fishing and canoeing venue you might see swans, ducks, geese and plenty of fish too. There are other highlights including Duxbury Woods, Big Wood and Copperworks Wood and depending on the season, you’ll see an explosion of colour from the wildflowers which grow there in a meadow.

  1. The Ridges Gardens

Even those who have lived in Chorley for many years might not be aware of these gardens right here. Formerly known as Barbara’s Barlow’s Cottage Garden, the story started long ago in the 1970s. Barbara realised the potential of the garden and put her efforts into restoring and developing the space to create the beautiful area it has now become. There are archways and a formal gated lawn, apple trees, bright foliage, dark copper beeches, holly and rhododendrons all working together to create a stunning place to visit. Barbara’s creation is a quintessentially English, private country garden covering 3.5 acres and has featured in the National Gardens Scheme. It’s located right here in Charnock, Chorley so pay a visit, admire the beauty and learn the interesting history which surrounds it.


When deciding where to live, we are firm believers that you should choose Chorley. Not only is there an impressive array of amenities right on your doorstep, but you will have access to stunning natural beauty spots too. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than being in the great outdoors in stunning areas whenever you get the chance! So if you’re considering a move to Chorley, get in touch with us today.


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