Managing your rental properties the easy way

Whether you are the landlord of one property or several, there is a great deal of work involved in the successful management of homes that are occupied by others. There are safety aspects to consider, legal requirements to fulfil and then uphold on an ongoing basis. Financial security can be in question and so on. So whilst having rental properties can be a fantastic investment, it can be challenging to stay on top of the upkeep, particularly if you have another job or have several in your portfolio. That’s where Red Rose can help.

At Red Rose, we offer a range of services to support you in meeting all the requirements you need to be the best landlord possible. We’ll enable you to manage your rental properties the easy way – so much so that when you start working with us, you’ll wonder how you coped in the past! Find out more about our most comprehensive help for landlords:

Our Fully Managed Letting Service

This is the most comprehensive service for landlords and covers all bases in an end-to-end process so you have the complete of mind you are looking for. The key things covered are:

  • Tenant Finder Service – finding the right tenant for your property can be on e of the most challenging parts of being a landlord. Advertising fees can rack up and an empty property is not a cost-effective investment! So let us find one for you. We have the right channels through which to attract the type of tenants you want. We will book in viewings and handle all of the admin including getting adequate references, performing credit checks, organising contracts, taking an inventory and so on.
  • Expert guidance – we have been working in this industry and area for a very long time so know what we are talking about! We will be able to advise you of the current market conditions and rental values and will also inform you of all the necessary health and safety protocols that need to be followed both legally and morally as well as legal requirements such as gas and electrics checks and so on.
  • Property maintenance – we will take a true record of the status of the property when the tenants move in, including detailing an inventory. We will also conduct regular checks, providing the right notice for the tenants, to see the state of repair of the home. We will be on call for the tenants if there are any issues which need resolving and will be able to organise repair and maintenance works as and when required.
  • Financial security – Red Rose will arrange the financial side of the rental, including taking the deposit and holding it securely in the Government Deposit Scheme. We will collect the money as per the terms of the tenancy and will notify you in the event of any issues. We will of course already have taken references and performed credit checks in advance of the contracts being signed too.

This is our most robust service, however, we would be able to help you in other ways if you decided this was more than you require. For example, we offer our Tenant Finder Service as a standalone process if you simply need help in filling your property/properties. We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs which is how we make it easy for you.

At Red Rose, we are the experts in managing rental accommodation on behalf of landlords so give us a call on 01257 547062 to find out more.


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