How to sell your home in summer: 5 tips that will REALLY impress buyers

With the kids excited about the long break and plenty of summertime activities to occupy both buyers and sellers, the start of the sunny weather can be a distraction. However, with a few tips and tricks it’s possible to turn it to your advantage and sell your home in summer.

At Redrose, we’ve found that people viewing in the summer tend to be serious buyers. They may be looking to the year ahead when it’s time put in school applications (so they’ve got a firm eye on the right catchment area). They might even be looking to move into the area following a job offer. Or, they may want to settle down nearer to family before the colder weather sets in. Whatever the circumstances, there is usually a very good reason why would-be purchasers are keen to book viewings during the warmer months.

Wow with photos

Let’s face it. Everything looks better with a dose of sunshine. Photos of your home’s exterior will look great set against a backdrop of cloudless blue sky. A word of warning though: not every estate agent uses professional photography as standard (we do, naturally).

Mow the lawn

Gardens and outdoor space routinely make an appearance on buyers’ most wanted lists. Make sure any lawn is mowed regularly to keep it looking neat and tidy. It also might be an idea to clean the barbecue and patio furniture too. It’s all about planting a vision in your buyers’ mind, so they can ultimately imagine living in your house – and we can think of no better imagined scene than enjoying a long, lazy afternoon basking in the sunshine with friends and family.

Be flexible

Longer daylight hours mean more opportunity for viewings so try and be flexible with the times you are available. Of course, you might be busy enjoying the sunshine yourself. If that’s the case, just remember that if you choose to sell your home with us, we are happy to conduct viewings on your behalf.

A little local knowledge

Keep in mind that summertime buyers tend to be serious (for the reasons outlined above). They’re the people who are looking for schools or to find a place to live because of a job offer. Therefore, a little local knowledge goes a long way. Don’t bombard your viewer with information overload but be prepared if they ask you a question about the proximity of a local school, transport links or even the best place to get a takeaway.

Accessorise with colour

When it comes to accessorising your home, rather than opting for heavy, dark colours, try cooling blues instead. Alternatively, you could swap purples and browns for summery ‘pops’ of colour including yellow and orange. You don’t have to go overboard – a simple vase or throw might be just enough to lift a room and help you sell your home in summer.

If you would like to speak to us about selling a home in Chorley or selling a home in Buckshaw Village, ask us about booking a free valuation by calling 01257 547061.


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