Five questions buyers MUST ask when viewing a property

Looking for a new home can be exciting, especially when you fall in love with a property on the first viewing. However, it’s important to examine the important details when it comes to choosing the right house or apartment for you.
When viewing a property, don’t forget to ask these five crucial question.

Is the property structurally sound?

Check the outside of the building. Are there any big cracks in the walls, broken guttering, or missing or loose roof tiles? If you spot something that concerns you, ask what the cause is and if it will be fixed by the seller.
It’s also worth arranging an independent house survey so you can find out if there are any serious faults with the property before you buy.

Is there any damp?

Damp can aggravate breathing problems, and lead to issues with mites and mould. Look out for unusual smells, flaking plaster, and watermarks on ceilings or walls.

What’s more, fixing a damp problem can mean additional costs so it’s important to think about. Don’t worry thought, it’s also a common and resolvable problem.

How long has the property been on the market?

If the house has been up for sale a number of months, or even years, the seller might be willing to accept a lower offer, which would be very much in your favour.
Of course, we’re always happy to give support when it comes to negotiating with a seller – and if you’re looking to put your home on the market, we’ll give you clear, honest advice about how to achieve the best possible price for your property.

Here at Redrose, we’ve got a fantastic track record in marketing homes to buyers. In fact, we’re the market leaders for Buckshaw Village. So, if you’re ready to sell, we’re the people to help you do it.

Have any major works been carried out?

Rather than stopping you from putting in an offer, this could be good news because the property has been improved.

However, check that there are certificates for the work and that any necessary planning permission has been granted. You can also search online for planning applications relating to the property.

Does this home tick the boxes?

There’s a lot more to a home than plain old bricks and mortar. How it helps you to meet your life goals could be another important factor.
That might be cutting down on your journey time to work, a bigger garden that gets the kids outside and off the computer or a home that sits within your desired school catchment area.

Form more help and advice when viewing a property, contact our team.


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