Is Spring the best time to sell your house?

Recently, we provided some guidance on how to make your home more sell-able this Spring.

But is Spring the best time to try and sell your place, compared to other times of year?

In short: it may well be, provided that you’re aware of the reasons why – here are just a few.

Appealing aesthetics

When Spring has sprung, gardens are in bloom, there’s plenty of good light and properties look their best.

It’s a fact that people gain an impression of your home before they’ve even got to the front door, so looking good for a new season is a help.

And in practical terms, buyers are more prepared to go house hunting once the weather has brightened up.

Longer hours

But of course, it’s not as simple as saying you’re more likely to get a sale in Spring – numerous factors such as location and property type still count more.

That said, traditionally there is a lift in the market starting with the Easter bank holiday that remains until after the start of the summer school break.

And a long weekend often offers an opportunity for people to get out and view properties and get a feel for an area they might be interested in.

With the clocks having gone forward, days are lighter for longer, which gives you (the seller) more time to fit in viewings.

It also means people can see your property in its best light after work or after picking kids up from school.

And springtime is often when parents tend to choose a school for their children, so will likely be on the lookout for properties in their catchment areas.

Expert help

One thing to remember is that the positives associated with selling in Spring also apply to everyone, so you’ll have more competition.

To get your timing right, you should take advantage of local market knowledge, including trends and any planned developments.

By securing the services of an experienced professional you can go to market at the best time and price point to suit your circumstances.

Hoping to sell this Spring time?

If you’re ready to sell your property now, talk to one of our experienced local agents about the best way to proceed.

From semi-rural properties to town centre apartments, we’ve helped countless sellers achieve the best results in Spring.

To ask any questions or arrange a face-to-face appointment at our Chorley offices, please get in touch today.


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