Why should landlords use a local estate agent?

What are the advantages of using a local estate agent if you’re a landlord with one or more buy-to-let properties in Chorley?

A quality agent can provide vital support with rental property marketing and tenant selection – but what about while your properties are occupied?

Property management in Chorley

Although it may seem more cost effective to manage your own, resources can quickly become stretched, even if you live close by.

Handling tenant issues in person, or taking the time to arrange third party tradespeople can be time consuming and inconvenient.

And unless you’ve specialist knowledge (or an existing relationship with local businesses), how can you be sure of value or quality?

Your house or flat is one of the most valuable things you own – it makes commercial sense not to leave things to chance.

But even if you’re confident and experienced in your own property management abilities, a local agent should still be able to assist in areas you need.

In today’s rental market it’s important that flexible arrangements are available for landlords with the following options:

  • Comprehensive portfolio management
  • Let-only packages
  • Rent collection
  • Secure landlord portal login

Whichever type suits you, the peace-of-mind a local property professional provides is no different to that given by a trusted car mechanic or builder.

How can a local Chorley estate agent help me?

Rent collection services are pretty self explanatory – you won’t have to chase your tenants for payment or be in constant contact with banks.

While let only arrangements incorporate everything from tenant finding and selection to arranging viewings and tenancy agreements.

Basically handling everything until your tenant is in situ, saving you the inconvenience up to this point.

And finally, a fully managed service lets you rest easy knowing the above agreements are included, plus everything else required of a landlord.

This could cover repairs and maintenance, arranging for deposits to be held with reputable approved bodies and much more.

But ultimately, the reason why so many landlords in Chorley and the surrounding villages use local agents is simple – freedom from stress.

By choosing a buffer between you and your tenants, none of the potential day-to-day strain of running a property permeates your private life.

Complex legal and financial issues like safety certificates or indemnity insurance are taken off your plate and handled without fuss.

And by operating at scale, it’s easier to secure competitive quotes from nearby reputable professionals, saving you and your wallet the trouble.

Want to take advantage of local Chorley knowledge?

To discuss property management options with a member of our helpful team, please get in touch.


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