Why now is the time to sell your house in Chorley

When is the best time to sell your Chorley property?

A question that property owners up and down the country have been asking for decades – hoping to get the best return on their initial investment.

Traditionally, data shows that Spring is the best time, as the average number of days between first listing and offer accepted is shortest in March and April.

Ask most estate agents on any given day and they’ll tell you that ‘now’ is the best time to sell, for obvious reasons.

But taking an informed and intelligent look at the current UK property market in 2021 – if you’re considering selling, it’s time to start thinking more seriously.

Why should I sell in Chorley?

Social and political conditions combined with a number of economic factors have combined to make it an ideal time to sell.

And in Chorley and the surrounding villages, the demand for homes has never been higher among first time buyers and families looking to move up.

Since the start of the global pandemic, many people have re-prioritised their work/life balances.

This may mean wanting to move from a city to a less ‘urban’ environment, needing a larger garden or even more space to set up a permanent home office.

With its semi-rural surroundings and excellent transport links to Preston, Bolton and Manchester, Chorley is ideal and sought after by such homeseekers.

Can you afford to wait?

House prices have risen consistently throughout the coronavirus pandemic, thanks in part to measures such as the stamp duty holiday.

And despite the hit that industries such as hospitality and high-street retail have taken, confidence in the property market seemingly hasn’t been impacted.

But now, price rises are slowing – according to the UK House Price Index, the near continuous growth seen for the last 18months has stopped in many areas.

However, even with the stamp duty holiday ending and further price drops predicted, there are still opportunities for sellers.

In the Chorley area especially, demand remains high with the volume of desirable properties relatively low.

And of course, no housing boom can continue indefinitely, which means that it may well be advisable to take advantage of current favourable conditions.

But with the market poised as sensitively as it is and an uncertain winter just around the corner, it still pays to be prudent.

Wanting to make the most of your Chorley property as a saleable asset doesn’t have to mean taking unnecessary risks.

A local agent with a comprehensive understanding of the area and how it’s performing can help make sure you don’t miss out.

Looking to sell your Chorley property?

Take advantage of our local knowledge of Chorley and the surrounding area and talk to one of our sales professionals today, get in touch.


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