Top tips for selling your Preston property

The city of Preston is an increasingly desirable area to live for numerous reasons, including:

  • Great transport links to other cities like Liverpool and Manchester
  • A thriving and continually developing commercial centre in its own right
  • Proximity to beautiful countryside areas such as the Lake District, Forest of Bowland and Lune Valley

But if you’re looking to sell property in Preston, there are still steps you can take to gain even the smallest advantage in a competitive market – here are a few:

Consider your buyers

The last few years of disruption due to the pandemic have led many people to gain greater clarity of what they want in their lives.

And one of the most important areas is what they will prioritise in a property investment.

Whether that’s more family-friendly spaces, or areas suited to working from home, buyers may well have a very clear idea of what they want.

This, coupled with the continuing rise in house prices, will mean they’ll want to get as much as they can for their budget.

Typically, that’ll mean a doer-upper or a pristine home that’s pretty much ready to live in.

If, like many, your home falls between these two categories, you should speak to a professional.

With the benefit of local knowledge of the Preston housing market, you’ll be able to rest easy that your property is on  the market at the right price.  

Get ‘kerb appeal’

We don’t always like to admit it but first impressions count for a lot, particularly in property.

If you were sofa shopping, you’d be unlikely to buy or even sit on one if it was dirty or stained.

The same goes for your home, where a lot of its initial appeal will lie in how it appears from the street outside. 

A few inexpensive steps such as ensuring the windows and frames are clean and the lawn is mowed make a big difference.

Remove clutter like children’s toys or bikes and if you have flags, think about using a jet washer to remove dirt and grime.

Even add some seasonal flowers, potted or planted, for a splash of colour – then take a step back and see how your place looks from the road.


You don’t want to undo all that good work by giving a bad impression to potential buyers as soon as they set foot inside.

And nothing makes it harder for someone to imagine themselves in a home if your things are strewn everywhere.

By clearing surfaces of mess and putting away kids’ or pets’ items, you can open up spaces and make it easier for a buyer to envision using them. 

Consider the weather

Preston isn’t quite Provence, so you may need to take the time of year’s weather into account to make your place more appealing.

If it’s cold and windy outside, having the heating on at a comfortable level will give potential buyers a reason to take off their coats and feel at home.

Similarly, if a Ribble Valley heatwave is in effect, opening the windows to allow a fresh breeze will make your viewers feel better.

And the more comfortable people are, the more likely they are to spend time listening to you about the best bits of your home and neighbourhood.

Ready to sell your Preston property?

Alongside the above pointers, the single most important aid to selling your house in Preston is good knowledge and experience of the local market.

If you’d like to ask any questions or arrange a face-to-face appointment, please get in touch today.


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