Should you install a new kitchen to sell your house?

We all know a house like this: The space is brilliant, the garden is a great size and the neighbours look friendly. Then you go into the kitchen and it’s like stepping back in time.

So if your home is currently on the market, put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Be open-minded and don’t take it personally if they display an instant aversion to the state of your worktops.

Tidy up first

Perhaps because it is such a large financial investment and therefore only comes about once in a while, updating the kitchen often gets superseded by all the other jobs around the house we need to do first.

Still, even if your kitchen is old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean to say that you should exchange it for something sleek, modern and minimal. Why? Because everyone’s taste is different. Your would-be purchaser may love it just as it is.

Then there’s the money. Replacing a kitchen can cost anything up to and beyond £15,000 while potentially adding only a moderate amount to your asking price. Think carefully about whether or not installing a new kitchen for the purposes of selling makes financial sense.

Far better would be to clear all worktops of the appliances, cookery books and cereal boxes that make our homes look cluttered and chaotic.

Instead let viewers appreciate the potential of your property, rather than presenting a finished product that they’ll probably want to put their own stamp on anyway.

Finishing touches

Rather than completely revamping the space, you could give your kitchen a fresher feel by replacing the cupboard handles or even changing the worktops – both of which can be done relatively cheaply.

While you’re at it, it’s worth making sure that all doors on cupboards fit correctly and don’t hang loosely.

For a quick and easy makeover, try a fresh lick of paint. If you are thinking about repainting, however, choose neutral colours rather than bright and vivid shades.

Remember that here at Redrose, we can give you plenty of advice about how to sell your house. To book a market appraisal of your home, call us on 01772 456558.  


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