How to sell your home this spring

Spring has most certainly sprung; we’ve had some good weather, the clocks changed and we’ve even had Easter. Spring is the season of new beginnings and as such, the housing market always does extremely well this time of year and we expect no less in 2021, especially with the recent climate.

So if you are looking to move home, you’ll no doubt want to sell yours for the maximum amount in the shortest time possible (especially as you could save money thanks to the stamp duty holiday extension). At Red Rose, we have years of experience selling houses in the Chorley and Buckshaw Village area so we have put together some tips to help ensure you get exactly what you need.

Spring cleaning

It goes without saying that your home should be presented in the best way possible in order to attract the right buyer at the right price. But sellers can sometimes misunderstand what this means. Yes, a clean home will be more appealing but there are certain other things you can do to help the process. Have you considered cleaning your windows, for examples? The current home style trends include a lot of natural light and dirty windows will hinder this so get them sparkling! How about your front door, drive and garage door? Don’t forget, your potential buyers need to see themselves living there and first impressions count for a lot so start well with an attractive arrival.

Showcase the space

It is very easy for someone living in the house to be used to a lot of accessories or clutter around the home but this can be off putting to viewers. Yes, it can be tidied but the reality is, if you move it all out of sight, your home will look brighter and more welcoming. You should also consider the position of your furniture. A chair pushed back into the corner of a room might be too far to watch the TV from, but it will open up your floor space, showing the true size of the room – vital for possible new owners.

Know your audience

It is all well and good ‘wanting’ a certain amount for your home, but is it realistic? Research is helpful, seeing what others are listing their houses for and so on, but really you won’t be able to get a full picture. Expert knowledge of the area is vital when setting a price – too high and you’ll have no interest, too low and you’ll sell it but you’ll be out of pocket! Speak to a reputable estate agent such as Red Rose and we’ll be able to guide you to an achievable asking price for your property.

Get it noticed

You might have the most attractive home in the area, priced incredibly favourably but if no one knows you are selling, you won’t! Your home needs to be marketed on all the key channels to ensure maximum exposure, reaching as many potential buyers as possible. Internet sites, email marketing, door drops, window placements, word of mouth; all of this will help to ensure your property is found by the right buyer. At Red Rose, we have one of the largest databases for the local region so as soon as we get a new property on our books, our reach will ensure it’s out there for everyone to see!

Selling your home is a truly exciting time and given how the market has behaved recently, it’s an opportune moment for you to list yours. At Red Rose, we are the experts at selling houses in the Chorley and Buckshaw Village area so will be on hand to advise you, guide you, market your property and handle all the intricacies of finalising the sale. You can trust that we will deliver the service you need at all times. So if you’re looking to sell your property, give us a call on 01772 456558 to find out more.


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