How to pack when you’re moving house

Getting ready to move house is always stressful and packing can be an absolute nightmare if you aren’t organised. What if you forget something? How do you keep track of all the boxes? How do you even start trying to move that old sideboard? Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips on how to pack when you’re moving house.

Room by room

Packing can be a recipe for disaster if left till the last minute. Like every aspect of moving house, doing it in advance can lessen the rush on moving day.

Pack a room at a time; starting with the rooms you use least. Keep the boxes for each room together and label them clearly. This will help speed up the process of matching the right box with the right room in your new house.

If you want to be extra organised, don’t just name each box; use coloured labels and packing tape. This can be especially helpful after packing up the kids’ bedrooms, for instance, if they decide they want something from one of the packed boxes.

  • Pack room by room
  • Start with the least used rooms
  • Colour code boxes and label clearly

Protecting everything

Anything you can use to pad out boxes of fragile items; bubble wrap, old newspapers, old towels and rags, shouldn’t be overlooked. Wrap each item individually then place in a box and pack carefully around them, filling any open spaces to hold them still in the box and avoid any breakages. This should help to protect your valuables, if the moving van jolts or has to suddenly brake, during the journey to your new home.

Also, don’t forget to mark those boxes containing fragile items. This way everyone involved in the house move knows to take that extra bit of care with them.

Bigger items might need a little bit of padding in places to protect them during the move. The legs on an old cabinet, or the feet of a sofa, for example, could benefit from being wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap. This will help to cushion any potential bumps and scrapes, which might occur as they are carried into your new home.

  • Use rags, bubble wrap, paper and towels to pad out your boxes
  • Wrap fragile items individually, box and pad around them
  • Mark any boxes containing fragile items
  • Pad and protect fragile parts of larger items

What goes in the van? What goes with you?

When it comes to moving house, there are some essential items you will want to access pretty much immediately, once you arrive at your new home. The kettle, mugs and phone are just a few everyday household items, which you will want to get up and running as soon as possible.

One way to make sure you can find these essentials quickly and easily, in the rush of a house move, is to travel with them. Keep a box of these items with you in the moving van, or car, depending how you decide to travel. It is also a good idea to travel with any items, which have high sentimental value and you don’t want to run the risk of getting damaged, or lost, during the move. It may be worth considering leaving these items with a friend or family member and collecting them once you have moved in.

  • Travel with essential items
  • Keep sentimental belongings with you
  • Leave precious valuables with family or friends

Get someone else to do it?

If the idea of having to plan work, or events in your social calendar, around a house move frustrates you and carrying all those boxes from one place to another scares you. Or perhaps the reliability of a man in a van worries you. If so, why not just get someone else to do it all instead?

Professional moving companies can provide everything you need to successfully complete your move; even boxes and help with packing, before loading up the van and meeting you at your new home to unload. Many estate agents have approved movers on their books, which they recommend to their customers to help take the stress out of moving day.


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