How to improve your garden to sell your house

For much of the last couple of years, many of us have been stuck indoors and the value of attractive outdoor space has become clearer than ever.

The option to buy in a semi-rural spot with large outside areas may not be available to everyone – but a beautiful garden is a huge selling point.

The prospect of potential cabin fever as seen during the pandemic means it’s worth making the effort to get yours looking as attractive as possible to buyers.

Great looking grass

Make sure that messy lawn looks its best – untidy turf might deter buyers from exploring further.

Old barbecues, garden tools or children’s toys should be stashed in a shed or garage if possible.

This will increase the sense of space and allow viewers to see the garden as a blank slate ready to be filled.

Sights and smells

Just as with interior design, introducing some colour to your garden goes a long way.

Think seasonal, hardwearing and low maintenance when picking plants, in order to make the most of the garden without having to spend too long working.

Marigolds, fuschias and hydrangeas can all provide an affordable but welcoming splash of colour to any garden.

And clematis, lavender and sweet peas are all calming fragrant choices that should make your outdoor space as appealing to the nose as the eyes.

Of course, to ensure such delights aren’t too available to the neighbours, consider the use of shrubs or hedges for extra privacy as required.

Do something different

Once the grass and plants are in order, some sellers are considering adding something extra to stand out in a competitive market.

Patio areas with attractive but affordable furniture are an obvious option – but for an all year round communal space, you could consider a fire pit.

Brick built barbecue platforms and even pizza ovens have seen a surge in popularity as Britain’s summers get warmer and last longer.

But even if your garden doesn’t lend itself to entertaining, you can still add something extra in terms of creating a sanctuary or soothing space.

Water features are an achievable way to bring a sense of tranquillity and feeling of being in nature, even in an urban setting.

Is your garden adding value to your property?

As gardens are increasingly listed as one of the key selling points for prospective homebuyers, it’s important to ensure yours is in good shape.

Don’t let the outside hurt your chances of a sale before your potential buyers even step inside – talk to a member of our helpful team today.


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