How can I increase the value of my Chorley property?

Although we highlighted ways to help sell your home earlier, increasing the value of your property is key, whether you’re a seller or a landlord.

A buy-to-let property is an important investment and in order to make money, taking the correct steps to add value is advisable.

Here are some measures you can apply in order to see the best return on your Chorley home outlay.

Bathroom and kitchen

As a general rule, if the room has a sink, it’s one your property will be judged on in terms of overall quality.

A kitchen is central to any home, particularly a family one, while the bathroom is often seen as a sanctuary of cleanliness and hygiene.

Both kitchens and bathrooms should have particular attention paid to their facilities, fixtures and fittings, as well as overall cleanliness and decor.

These rooms typically see the most use in terms of people numbers and are subject to the most moisture and temperature variation.

Which means that dirt, damp, mould etc typically become apparent sooner and definitely more noticeable to potential purchasers or tenants.

By spending appropriately on refurbishing or redecorating your kitchen and bathrooms as required, you’ll certainly see the return on your investment.

Outdoor spaces

Even if your Chorley property doesn’t have much in terms of garden or yard space, you can still make the most of what there is.

A well maintained patio area can appeal to barbecue lovers or alfresco diners – the addition of decking or outdoor seating can create a similar appeal.

Even something as simple as a smart lawn with a small football goal or basic swing set may encourage families or couples to picture themselves moving in.

Premium extras

For relatively low expenditure in the long-term, you can look at including certain items that will potentially add extra value to your Chorley rental property.

Examples might include:

  • Higher end kitchen appliances such as dishwasher
  • Camera doorbell or entry system
  • High speed broadband
  • Washer and tumble dryer

Provided you’ve accurately assessed your maximum rental yield and it accounts for the initial outlay, such investments should prove shrewd over time.

Keep it simple

When potential buyers or renters are viewing your property, they need to be able to visualise themselves, their possessions and their furniture in it.

So make sure the decor is as neutral and unobtrusive as it can be – even if you like bolder palettes or striking patterns – it’s not you that is going to live there.

The same goes for furniture – think ‘comfort’ rather than ‘statement’ – however tasteful your individual preferences might be, keep them for your own home.

Want to find out more?

Our agents combine professional experience with local knowledge in order to help property owners in Chorley achieve the best possible value.

Whether you’re ready to sell or want to guarantee the highest rental yield you can, contact our helpful team to learn how.


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