How the Senses help sell your property – 9 Key Showing Tips

The five senses to appeal to when showing your property are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Let’s look at why and how the senses help sell.

Ask yourself  – What is it about that new-car smell?

What is it about that smell of newly polished furniture?

What is it about that smell of a newly cleaned bathroom?

What is it about the sound of calming music?

What is about seeing clutter?

These universal sensory cues are difficult to explain but come down to “embodied cognition,” explains the Harvard Business Review, or the idea that our sensations influence our decisions as consumers, without us even realising it.

Since our senses play a key role in our emotional processing , that means when buyers walk into your property, you want them to feel something they can’t put their finger on.

With subtle but powerful touches you can choreograph an experience that achieves that special something.

How the senses help sell

Smell – Deodorise, neutralise, and freshen  We humans have a very acute sense of smell, and our ability to distinguish between 1 trillion different scents impacts how we perceive situations and people.

  1. Empty all the bins in the property

Empty every bin in your home, including the kitchen, bathrooms, and kids’ bedrooms.

Stinky bin contents can overpower all other pleasant scents.  Also, keep your wheelie bins out of sight and well away from where they can be smelled!

  1. Pet odours are a real no no

If you have pets this means extra preparation.  Make sure that you remove any pet hair. A lint roller is a great tool here.  Put beds, and litter trays away after thoroughly cleaning them. Check if you need to have some carpets cleaned.

Pets can also smell so it’s best to take them out of the house whilst it is being viewed.  One family member can do this.  This also avoids pets from welcoming visitors in a way that they feel uncomfortable with.

  1. Do not use strong-smelling cleaning products.Whilst you want the house to be clean and smell clean you do not want to have overpowering cleaning product smells. Bleach can be really strong smelling and gives totally the wrong impression, buyers think what is it masking.  Equally strong-smelling plug-in room fresheners can be overpowering too.

Sound – What’s the music to buyers’ ears?

Sound should complement a buyer’s experience in your home, not cover it up

  1. Noise levels need control!

Make sure you turn TVs off and any other noise-making machines!  You can play soft music in the background which can set the mood for your viewing and may even subtly sway buyers’ opinions.  Calming music has a way of influencing views and purchasing in a positive way.

Taste: Appeal to the taste buds

  1. Whilst it’s not a good idea to offer food you can appeal to the taste buds in other ways. The smell of freshly made bread appeals is a great taste bud grabber.  You can always buy a ready-to-bake loaf to create the effect. Do avoid strong-smelling food that might linger, not everyone likes the smell of garlic or a curry!

Touch: Use textures to create a tactile experience for buyers

  1. Buyers want to feel like they could live in your home, and texture can make them feel welcome if it’s not overdone. Make sure anything they are likely to touch is clean.

When it comes to the sense of touch keep things clean and simple. Dust surfaces so that you can run your fingers over them and come up clean. You don’t need to replace every towel in every bathroom, but avoid worn or dirty hand towels.

Sight: Make your home a show-stopping experience

  1. There are endless possibilities to appeal to a buyer’s sense of sight. Boost your Kerb Appeal. Appeal to buyers’ sense of sight before they step inside.  The way you present your property is key.

Most buyers buy your lifestyle so present it in an attractive way. Pay attention to less clutter, cleanliness, decoration, lighting, warmth, and kerb appeal. Tidy up the garden and keep your cars off the drive. Welcome the buyer in so your house will attract them.

  1. On the inside, remove distractions for a clean, minimal look

Hide cords out of sight.  We all have dozens of devices, each with their own charging cords. These can be an eyesore if they’re hanging all over your home. Collect all chargers that don’t need to be plugged in so put them away.

Clear the kitchen surfaces totally, this makes the work area look much bigger.

  1. Put away personal items

You want your home to be welcoming, but not to the point that your personal photos and ornaments overwhelm the space.  Less is more.  If you cover the walls in photos, pictures, etc the house can look smaller.

The 5 Senses help sell your property – so pay attention to all 5!


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