3 places to visit in Chorley this May

As Estate Agents in Chorley, we know the area very well! The picturesque market town of Chorley is growing in popularity as a place to live, in part due to the affordable prices of property to rent in Chorley, but also due to the perfect combination of traditional English heritage and plenty on offer in the way of activities for those who live there.

Whether you’re thinking of buying a house and making Chorley your forever home or are only going to be there for a short time, you may not know much about the town itself and what kinds of things there are to do, so we’ve got you covered with our 3 favourite places to visit in Chorley this may.

Yarrow Valley Country Park

On a dry and sunny Spring day, there’s nothing better than enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nature on offer at Yarrow Valley Country Park.

The park makes a fabulous day out for the whole family and includes a nature reserve, beautiful walking paths surrounded by greenery, a cafe, a children’s playground and so much more to keep everyone occupied for a full day.

The Yarrow Valley Country Park is a definite favourite among locals and visitors to Chorley.

Chorley Markets

Being a market town, it’s no surprise to find two markets in Chorley that date back to 1498: the Covered Market and the Tuesday Market.

The Covered Market is open 5 days per week and is a great way to soak up some of the local town atmosphere all while enjoying some of the local produce that’s available here.

The Tuesday Market is an outdoor market in the town centre and is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike.

At the Tuesday Market, you’ll find a variety of stalls selling everything from fine local delicacies and produce to handcrafted cosmetics, gifts, and clothing.

Acorn Farm

If you have young children, then Acorn Farm is a must-visit when in Chorley this May for a cheap, memorable and adventure-filled day out for the whole family. 

Children can feed lambs, milk goats and take a pony ride. There’s a fully equipped playground for those who need to burn off a bit more energy, beautiful walking paths, and even a shop that sells organic, free-range produce that’s made right there on the farm, such as eggs, milk, and more.

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