• Curb appeal is king– first impressions count
      • Most buyers will be influenced about your home within a few seconds of standing outside your front door. Curb appeal is so so important.  Make sure the garden is tidy, clean the whole area, paint the front door and sills, make sure the doorbell is working and ensure your house number is visible.
  • Declutter and depersonalise
      • Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves living in your home, there needs to be enough room for viewers to move around, so this means you cannot have boxes lying around. In addition, clutter can be visually unappealing and impede potential buyers from seeing themselves living in the house. Anything you don’t use on a daily basis should be put away. All rooms need to be clutter free and you also need to depersonalise by taking away items that can distract the viewer.
  • Clean, clean and gleam
      • Cleanliness and tidiness should never be underestimated so clean each room from top to bottom. Make sure your bathroom and toilets are clean and eliminate any animal and cooking odours to make your home smells fresh and appealing.
  • Decorate
      • A fresh coat of neutral paint in the entrance area makes a huge difference.  Any bold painted rooms should be neutralised.
  • Light it up
      • Great lighting is warm and welcoming so take the time to increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures where possible.  Darker rooms will benefit from the addition of some well-placed floor lamps, while a strategically placed mirror opposite a window will help to bounce the light you have around the room.  Natural light is always the most desirable so open up your curtains.
  • Rooms presentation – Bedrooms Count!
      • Each room should have a purpose it helps to show buyers how they can use each room. If you have four bedrooms, then present your property showing you have four bedrooms. Don’t use your fourth bedroom as a computer room or use your dining room as a makeshift office. Buyers tend only to see useable space and will assume the bedroom is too small for a bed or the dining room is really too small to dine in. This will put buyers off and depreciate the value of your home.
  • Move your pets out
      • Not everyone is an animal lover. If a potential buyer walks in and sees a dog bowl, smells a litter box, or is picking hair off their pants hours after viewing, they will think the house is not clean. A potential buyer shouldn’t even be able to tell if a four-legged friend lives there or not.
  • Add special touches
      • Fresh flowers, a new welcome mat, a planter outside the front door, all these little touches can increase the welcome factor of any home and go a long way with buyers.
  • Clean The Carpets
      • If you have carpets in your home, they need to be clean before you show your home. This will improve the appearance of your floors and eliminate any nasty odours that are locked in the carpet.
  • Outdoor space adds value!
      • Whether it’s a roof terrace, patio or full-blown garden, make the most of whatever you’ve got. Creating a simple seating area is usually all it takes to show the potential for entertaining or relaxing outdoors. Cut back overgrown bushes and cut the lawn.
  • Storage is Key
      • Buyers look for storage in all areas of the house,  they may be concerned about there being less space for storage than what they need.  So declutter all storage areas so they look larger, full messy cupboards will give the impression storage is a problem.
  • Finally look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer
      • You might have lived in your home for a few years now and have likely grown used to all its little quirks, so try taking a step back and looking at your house through fresh eyes. Start from the outside and work your way around as though you’re a guest at your own open home.  Look for small issues, like peeling paint or an untidy garden. At the same time, keep an eye out for larger problem areas that could have a major impact on a buyer’s offer, such as roofing issues or a lack of insulation.
  • Parking
      • Most families have two or even more cars and a cluttered driveway or cars park half on the road and half on the path is a definite turn off. Park additional cars down the road and leave a max of one car on the drive but ideally no cars. Make sure the drive is weed free and clean.


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